First National Skills League in Spain (CESOL)

EWF Fev. 9th - 2022

CESOL held its National Skills League on 9th of February 2022, with the enthusiastic participation from all 20 participants (aged 17 to 23 years old) from different VET schools who attended the pilot sessions of the European Metal AM Design Technician qualification, developed in DESTINE.

In parallel, the National Skills League was also an opportunity to present DESTINE project to relevant VET providers/representatives from Spain, to engage them not only with the competition but also with the scope of DESTINE project and Additive Manufacturing qualifications. This presentation of the project was made by CESOL, which organized the event.

Access to the publications made in DESTINE Facebook and LinkedIn during the day first round of the Spanish National Skills Competition and see other pictures taken to the participants, who will be competing on the first round of the European Skills Leagues, to be held in Madrid (ES) in 2022!

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