DESTINE: The 1st European Skills League

EWF Apr. 25th to 28th - 2022

The European Skills League have already started for the DESTINE project.

During the 25th and the 28th of April 2022, CESOL hosted the 1st European Skills League, in Madrid (Spain).

These was a blended competition, that counted with the participantion of the the three best participants (winners) of the Nacional Leagues, already contested in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

This was a fulfil event, where participants had the opportunity to learn from our DESTINE expertise’s partners, subjects related to the Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications – given by IDONIAL, the International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS), provide by EWF, and 3D Design Software and experience in Industry, shared by our Associated Partner AUTODESK Company.

The participants had scrambled to win during the competition the jury performed an anonymous evaluation of the designs from participants, having in mind the criteria and technical instructions established at EU level, and in line with the rules and procedures implemented in the scope of WorldSkills™ and EuroSkills™, and adapted for DESTINE Leagues, for a similar competition experience with Design for Additive Manufacturing.. The TOP 3 Design Technician’s was founded:

1st place –> Germany
2nd places –> Germany | Spain| Italy
3rd place -> Spain

A special thanks to All that provided this moment of network, fun and above all, a sharing knowledge moment for the potential of this qualification itself.

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